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 ProcessCleaner Manual

ProcessCleaner 2.08 Download

ProcessPing 1.56 Download

This program is superior to eliminate Grid Delivery process and adware process.

This program is superior to Gaming Tweak  Disable Nagle's algorithm

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Process Cleaner 2.08 Download


This program is free to use with no limitations.


After you shut down all processes currently running, bring the non-executable Since Optionally the user can decide to run the executable process. You can use your computer in top condition.


This program only allows basic processes for Windows OS with no other exceptios, and is made for the purpose of explicit process closing

for 'Grid Delivery Process' or 'Adware process', not for eliminating 'Grid Delivery Process' or 'Adware process'.



This program has no function for eliminating program, but only provides a function for explicit process closing and initializing Windows OS.


Besides, this program is superior to close hidden process, so needs thorough cautions for PC users working with PCs running

a certain hidden process which are used in financial network or goverment office systems, and so on.



1. Process to prevent hacking

  - Process api injection covering


2. Service, initial setup

  - Add the ability to run the current service stops


3. View the current process

  - The current process is forced to shutdown


4. Additional hard disk optimization menu

 - Delete temporary files and cookies, delete function

 - Firefox, Safari, Chrome delete temporary files and cookies, delete function


5 Startup Management and cleanning

 - Start program registration functions

 - Start the program and the scheduler exclusion

 - Ability to disable startup programs and batch scheduler


6. IE initialization  - BHO initialization function

 - Initialize the function toolbar

 - Extended the registry initialization function


7 Optimizing Active X

 - Active X deletion


8. Preferences

 - Added launcher program links

 - Added launcher site connections


9. Updates

 - Additional display features an updated version


10 System Recover process

 - Start a program scheduler and bho toolbar, add extended functionality to recover